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Exceptional Minds is committed to creating a world in which individuals on the autism spectrum are recognized for their talents and abilities and can achieve their full potential.


To provide young adults on the Autism Spectrum with customized instruction
and hands on experience to earn a living in the fields of multi-media, computer animation and post production.


Exceptional Minds (EM) is a nonprofit vocational school and working studio that prepares young adults on the autism spectrum for careers in digital animation and visual effects. The first and only school of its kind, EM is a dynamic answer to the high unemployment and social isolation characteristic of today’s young adults with ASD as they age out of the public school system. We provide customized instruction in visual effects, digital animation and work readiness to prepare this underserved population for lifelong careers. Our full-time, three-year vocational program offers a crucial bridge between high school and meaningful employment by building on the strengths of these individuals. EM also offers private tutoring, small group instruction, and summer workshops for teens with autism interested in exploring careers in the digital arts.

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